Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some Good News, while others Frustrating!!!

Today has been a good day, so far! Channel 7 has agreed to run my story on the news to get more people to donate marrow. I am so blessed! This is a true blessing getting my story out there.  Stay tuned for tonight on Channel 7 at 5:30 to 7:00! 

Now only problem is with my medicaid! Ugh! How do they only give chemotherapy patients 45 days of inpatient hospital services, when many times we are more than 30 days in the hospital at ones. This makes no sense and there is something wrong with Florida Health Care. I am now not only fighting both my Leukemia's but apparently Fighting Florida Medicaid..Great another one to add to the opponents list. Hopefully, I can get through on the 866 number and I can get someones voice other than the recording saying " All Representatives are busy at the moment, please try again later:...then you here click....yup...They hang up on you. As I write to all of you I am calling DCF to deal with this medicaid issue, this is ridiculous there they go again, hanging up on me!!! UGH! So Frustrating...don't know what else to do!
 I will keep you all posted on this. 

On a lighter note, tomorrow I have an appt. in Tampa. I hope all goes well there, basically its to run some more exams and brush up on where we stand as to my soon to be chemotherapy session again. Which I so very hate as being in the hospital is not pleasant...We shall see, lets keep those prayers coming and don't forget to tell your friends, family, co-workers to register at, only a few more days until it's free to register!!!

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